Does It Work: The Nostalgia Three in One Breakfast Station

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Katie Veach loves camping and exploring the outdoors. She doesn’t mind loading up the car for each trip but if she could consolidate all her individual cookware items, that would be helpful.

That’s why the Nostalgia Three in One Breakfast Station caught her eye.

“I’m intrigued because it’s everything all in one. So, I don’t have to have a lot of pots or pans. The coffee makers is attached to the burner.”

For starters, you do have to have access to electricity for it to work. Some campsites and tailgate spaces offer electricity.

Veach plugged in the breakfast station. Then, as the instructions stated, sprayed cooking spray on the removable non-stick griddle plate.  Next, she turned the dial to number two so the upper (the griddle) and lower (the toasting oven) would preheat while she made coffee.

While the coffee was brewing, Veach cracked two eggs into the nonstick griddle and added two sausage links and placed the glass lid over them. Then she placed two slices of bread into the preheated toaster.

Time to plate!

The eggs did not stick to the griddle, the toast was golden brown, the coffee was hot and she even had sear marks on the sausage links! Veach just made breakfast in under nine minutes.

“Because it’s a non-stick top, you can cook more than just breakfast on it. Yes, it`s convenient for breakfast but if I wanted to use this for lunch or dinner, I can also use that.”

Nostalgia Three in One Breakfast Station, you passed the Does It Work test.

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