Does It Work: The Microwave Bacon Cooker

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Like a lot of us, Aretha Garner and her husband love having bacon for breakfast.  When its time to whip up eggs and bacon she normally cooks it on the stove.

“That grease is popping kind of everywhere. So, you’re going to have a good little mess on your hands.”

Which leads to a greasy clean up. Aretha even cooks bacon in the microwave. She has a paper towel system to soak up the grease and minimize cleanup.

“I also place extra paper towels over it so I won’t get all of the splatter and place it into the microwave.”

The bacon comes out crispy but Aretha would prefer the bacon to not sit in so much grease while it cooks. That is why she was excited to test the Microwave Bacon Cooker. It has deep grooves to drain that fat away from the bacon while it cooks. It comes with a lid, it’s BPA free and has a drain spout which allows for easy removal of grease.

Aretha placed four center cut bacon strips across the grooves, placed the lid on and put it in the microwave. Since her microwave was 1000 watts, we cooked it for four minutes. She was able to remove the Microwave Bacon Cooker without oven mits.

“Let’s see, crispy bacon. All of the splatter is on the inside.”

Which means everything is nice and clean.

As for the spout and grease in the deep grooves, Aretha said they make it “easy to pour and remove all of that fat.”

We did notice the super crispy piece of bacon in the middle. Aretha said she could work with that.

“If you got a high wattage, just take that time down. And taking that time down, you’ll get good bacon.”

Your bacon no longer has to sit in its own grease while it cooks! As for the taste and crispness.

“Good crunchy bacon. And not greasy at all. Matter of fact, I think this is better than my bacon.”

Microwave Bacon Cooker, you passed the Does It Work test.

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