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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ever wonder what`s under your refrigerator, in your vents or what`s clogging your drains? The Lizard Cam could help you find out.

“The Amazing new micro camera that goes anywhere you can’t see. It’s easy. Just turn it on. The color screen displays the cameras view. Then feed it wherever you want.”

The commercial makes an interesting claim, but does it work?

Marlo Matthews is a celebrity barber. When he is not cutting hair, he is kickin’ it with his 11-year-old son King Jeremiah Matthews.

“Kids can put things in places parents can’t see,” said Matthews. “I’ve found PlayStation games in places he does not play.”

A perfect candidate to test out the Lizard Cam!

The product came with a six-foot flexible cables and three attachments: a hook, mirror and magnet.

Matthews snapped in four AA batteries and turned it on.

“Its working! The screen is in color. It has a very good picture. It’s probably compatible to most cell phone footage. It looks like what I look at when I’m looking at my phone.”

Of course, kids lose things but parents do too! We started off our test fishing for a key that Matthews accidentally kicked under the dryer.

“There it is.”

Once he had a general idea where the key was, he screwed on the magnet over the Lizard Cam. Bad news is it blocked the camera view, but it did work. The magnet attached itself to the key and Matthews was able to retrieve it from under the dryer.

Next up, King Jeremiah.

“I opened the refrigerator and put my game on top. And I got something out of the refrigerator and closed it and it went further back.”

Hopefully it didn’t slide behind the refrigerator. King Jeremiah grabbed Lizard Cam with no attachments and slithered it up and over the top of the refrigerator.

“I see it!”

The Lizard Cam also claimed to be waterproof so they dropped a gold ring into a mason jar filled with water. Matthews added the hook attachment and after a few tries, he was able to hook the ring and pull it out of the water.

“The camera guided me into the ring, and I picked it right up.”

Lizard Cam, you passed the Does It Work test.

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