Does It Work: The I Envy Brow Stamp

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When it comes to eyebrows, Susan Krigbaum spends her mornings drawing and filling them in.

“They’re blonde if anything. If there`s any there. There are some there. But I’ve had to do this my whole life.”

She’s tried the tattoo route and thought about microblading but decided that’s too painful.

“My daughter- in -law did that. It looks great but that just …it’s slicing you know.”

Hopefully the I Envy Brow Stamp can be a faster and easier option for Krigbaum.

It comes with the left stamp, right stamp and dark brown brow powder.

For starters, the directions stated to make sure your skin was moisturized with primer or liquid foundation. Krigbaum opted for the liquid foundation. Next, it said to pat the stamp on the pressed powder, then position the stamp on your brow bone and gently press the stamp against your skin.

Krigbaum wasn’t impressed with her first try.

“This could have been a user error and not a makeup error.”

So Krigbaum grabbed the right brow stamp to try again. She pressed it against the brow power and gave it another shot.

We could quickly tell the difference in shading. The harder you press the stamp on the powder, the darker it will come out. Krigbaum tried it a third time.

“I think it`s the stamp. I like the idea of it but this stamp.”

“This isn’t wide enough, and it goes up too high and this needs to be not so wide.”

I Envy Brow Stamp, you failed the Does It Work test.

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