Does It Work: The Gotham Steel Electric Smoke-less Grill

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Having the option to grill indoors on a cold rainy day is a good thing, but making sure your smoke detector doesn’t go off while you’re grilling indoors is another. The Gotham Steel Electric Smoke-less Grill claims to virtually give off no smoke while you grill in doors, but Does It Work?

Mike Holland loves to grill in the summer, but when it comes to the dead of winter, that’s another story.

“Now that I’m getting get up in age, the winter is pretty tough.”

Hopefully The Gotham Steel Electric Smoke-less Grill can help Mike flip burgers inside all winter long. It comes with a temperature control plug with an LED indicator, non-stick grilling plate and a drip tray.

Mike assembled the grill as the instructions stated and inserted the temperature control plug before plugging it in. According to the directions, to prevent smoke during grilling, you’re to fill the drip tray with a half cup of water.

It also stated, for best results, we should preheat the grill for five minutes to make sure the grill was hot.

For our test, we cooked bacon and burgers. Both needed medium to high heat for about 10 minutes. We started with a few slices of bacon.

“You have smoke, but any meat is gonna smoke,” said Mike.

He then added two beef patties.

“The burgers are not smoking at all. They’re probably good lean burgers but they’re not smoking.”

No grease spitting at you or your countertops!

“Like the box said, smoke-less. It’s not smokeless. Smoke-less. It’s definitely doing less smoke.”

Time to flip.

“You’re gonna have a little residue you know but no, it didn`t stick at all.”

We even added cheese to the burgers while they cooked. Still no smoke!

“I expected the house to be really smoked up. Very little smoke came off it.”

Gotham Steel Electric Smoke-less Grill, you passed the Does It Work test.


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