Does It Work: The Gotham Electric Grill

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Like a lot of people, Kathleen Carroll loves hamburgers. But what she doesn’t like so much is all the grease that comes along with it.

“Makes the stove get all splattered. And you have to blot them before you can eat them.”

Hopefully The Gotham Electric Grill can cut down on the grease, so Carroll won’t have to blot her burgers with a paper towel.

It’s made of ceramic, non-stick and comes with a grease trap.

“It’s of medium weight. Not too heavy. Not too light.”

As the instructions stated, Carroll plugged in the grill and allowed the unit to preheat. Once the light turned from red to green, we knew it was ready to go.

She placed the burgers in the unit but quickly realized her pre-made Whole Foods burgers were too big, so she had to remove two. Once the burgers started to cook, we could see the grease dripping into the grease trap.

“That`s a lot of grease!”

Carroll noted, “The area is nice and dry and clean. The grease is still coming out of the burgers.”

After six minutes of cook time, and no flipping, the green light came on to indicate the burgers were done. Carroll, with her oven mitts on, opened the lid, placed her cheese on top of the burgers and closed the lid for about twenty seconds.

Neither the cheese or the burgers stuck to the unit.

She then examined the burgers. They were fully cooked and there was way less grease.

Gotham Electric Grill, you passed the Does It Work test.

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