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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Richard Simmons is a small farmer who provides local restaurants with specialty produce. That being said he has plenty of hand garden tools to get the job done but wanted to see if the Garden Genie Gloves could be beneficial.

“It takes me about an hour and twenty minutes to plant about 1,000 onions in a 90- foot by 36-inch-wide row,” he said. “I would hope that it could make my hand planting a little faster. I can push my fingers down in without getting dirt under my fingernails.”

It’s made of nylon and comes with the four durable plastic claws on the right hand.

“The palms and fingers are definitely going to be waterproof. The backing is not. But that also helps with your hands sweating too much.”

Simmons quickly realized one big problem.

“I see the claws are only on the right hand. Which means if you’re left-handed, your right hand might not be strong enough to do the work.”

How do they fit?

“I have pretty small hands for a man. So, they fit me. They’re not going to fit you if you have a bigger hand.”

Time to start planting!

“So, it definitely pushed down into this nice soft homemade compost well.”

“It’s probably about the same speed I normally would be able to go but it is less uncomfortable underneath my fingernails,” he added.

Simmons’ take away on the Garden Genie Gloves is a buyer’s choice. He said it worked well for smaller plants.

“If you’re going to do a job where you’re mulching. A bed with an established plant. This would work well. You can put the amount in and feather it out. ” >

But for bigger jobs he said it would simply take too long.

“You’re going to buy a three gallon. And to dig a hole for a three gallon with this would probably take three and a half hours.”