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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Love to cook but don’t like the mess? The Frywall claims it will shield your stove top from grease splatter while letting vapors escape.

It seems like a pretty cool concepts so WREG’s Corie Ventura put it to the Does It Work test.

According to the packaging, the product will block splatter, stop spills and sears steam free. It’s heat resistant up to 450 degrees, BPA free and made of silicone.

Before she  got started, Corie made sure that the surface marked “in” faced the inside of the pan as the instructions stated. She then grabbed the burgers.

“Hamburgers are the worst because the grease spits out. If you’re not grilling them out on your grill, you’re cooking them inside.”

The Frywall sat right above the bottom of the pan so she still had access to the food.

After a few minutes, Corie noticed a difference.

“It’s all hitting the sides of the Frywall and not the stove top.”

But there was one thing she did notice.

“You’re going to see some little splatter, but this is way less than what would normally be spitting out of my pan.”

After that all she needed to do was quickly wipe off The Frywall with a damp paper towel and it was clean.

“Look at how much is on the sides! That is what would be on my stove top and countertops! That’s crazy.”

She also tested it while simmering pasta sauce and filling it with mounds of spinach.

The Frywall, you passed the Does It Work test.

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