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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Peeling hard boiled eggs can be such a pain, but now there is a product that claims to make them without the shell.

"Crack the egg into the pod. Twist on the top and boil. Pop out perfect hard-boiled eggs. No hassle. No mess."

Paula Towery's first reaction to the Egglettes...

"That is definitely a husband friendly product if it works! Right!?!?!"

You see, Paula's husband Paul loves hard boiled egg. She makes them and he peels them.

Well, kind of.

"He usually ends up with more yolk then he does with the egg whites, with the egg whites sticking to the shell."

Hopefully the Egglettes can live up to their claim so the Towerys can stop picking small pieces of shell off their hard-boiled eggs.

The product comes with four non-stick silicone pods with lids that screw on.

According to the instructions, you need to thoroughly coat each pod with cooking spray. Then crack open an egg and fill each pod. One egg per pod. Then close each lid by twisting clockwise.

Next, fill a sauce pan with water and heat until it comes to a rolling boil. Once the water is boiling, grab your Egglettes by their top loop and gently place them into the water.

"They kinda look like a bobber when you go fishing," joked Paula.

"Nothing is leaking out. Everything seems secure inside their little Egglette container."

Sixteen minutes later it was time to remove the Egglettes and let them cool off in a bowl of cold water.

Moment of truth!

Paula removed an Egglette from the cold water and twisted off the lid.

"Ohh! Its popping right out. I mean I'm being careful because I don't want to smush it. Look at that."

But was it fully cooked?

"It seems solid through."

Egglettes, you passed the Does It Work.




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