Does It Work: The Clever Tongs

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Steve Conley is a kitchen gadget guy. He’s got a drawer filled with gadgets and just the other night he saw an interesting product that he might want to add to his stash.

“I see this thing where you can pick up eggs and turn them. You can scoop up. You can tong and grab and flip hamburgers. And I thought, you know, wonder if it works.”

The Cleve Tongs are made of stainless steel and silicone, and has a hammock design that cradles food. Let`s see if we can flip a burger and scoop eggs using one utensil.

“It has a quality feel to it. Now we’ll put it to the test I guess. We’re going to do a burger then we’re going to do some eggs.”]

Steve seasoned his two burgers then placed the patties in a hot pan. Then it was time to flip the burgers using the Clever Tong.

It was hard to grab and flip the burgers. One of the burgers fell apart and squeezing the tongs didn’t help.

“I think a regular spatula would work a lot better to be honest.”

We tried it again hoping for a better grip.

“It`s not a great burger flipper. Maybe it will work better with the eggs.”

Conley whisked three eggs in a bowl and poured the egg mix into the pan. It was kind of awkward using it to scramble eggs.

“You know, it`s just too flimsy. You can’t get under them.”

The Clever Tong didn’t make our life easier.

“If you have some tongs and you have a spatula you’re pretty good.”

Clever Tong, you failed the Does It Work test.

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