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(WREG-TV) The hot new trend in the burger world is the stuffed burger, but no one likes the restaurant-stuffed prices.

Stufz is a product that claims you can make your own stuffed burger right at home, and WREG’s Corie Ventura put it to the test in this week’s Does It Work.

Stufz claims that you can make stuffed burgers as easy as 1,2,3, just like the pros, for about $10.

But does it work?

“Stuffed burgers are so delicious but I’m never able to make them at home like they make them in the restaurant.”

Stephanie is a very busy wife and mom who is always looking for fast and easy ways to freshen up a classic dish, while avoiding a major mess.

“Even regular burgers without being stuffed seem to fall apart, so stuffing it is a little intimidating,” she said. “To be honest, I’m always skeptical of ‘as seen on tv’ stuff when I see them in the stores. I’m not really sure if it’s going to work for me.”

Can Stufz win against Stephanie’s skepticism?

We examined all the parts and followed the instructions, and noticed that a few tips to ensure a successful stuffed burger were highlighted in yellow. Raw stuffed ingredients needed to be fully cooked, and to make sure the Stufz wouldn’t get stuck ,they recommened spraying Stufz with cooking spray or water before you placed the meat in.

It was a bit time-consuming finding the right ratio of meat for the top and bottom patties, but we made that time up by using blue cheese and spinach, which didn’t require cooking before stuffing.

“OK so at the bottom you’re suppose to be able to pop it out, it’s supposed to keep its form…Is it sticking to it?”

“Not that bad. It looks good. It seems like it should hold its shape. We’ll have to cook it to find out the end result.”

After cooking, the stuffed burger appeared to have kept its shape.

“Wow look at that, we have the blue cheese and we snuck in some spinach!”

“That looks great! It’s all together and it didn’t fall apart!”

“Do you think it passed the Does It Work test?”


“Stufz, you passed the Does It Work test!”

If you’re interested in making your own stuffed burgers, you can order Stufz online through Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon for about $10.