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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you’re looking for a way to clean out your kitchen, then you’re in luck. We’re testing a product that could turn you into a minimalist. Plus, we’re testing a bonus product that could have you squeezing your next chopping board.

Yvette Kirk is truly in her element at the farmer’s market since she follows the whole foods plant-based diet.

“You are taking out as much of of the processed food as possible. You’re really focusing on whole fruits, vegetable, nuts, legumes. Anything that is as close to nature as you can get,” she said. Which means there is prep work once she gets home. She currently has two go-to peelers, but is interested to see if the rotary peeler would be more convenient.

It has three stainless steel blades that rotate between standard, serrated and julienne.

We kicked off our test by peeling a potato. Kirk rotated through the blades and locked the standard blade into place. Up next, we peeled a tomato for fresh pasta sauce.

“I feel like the blade is pretty sharp. Once I got used to holding it, it seemed to peel pretty easily and deeply, actually,” Kirk said.

She rotated the blade to the serrated setting and locked the blade into place. She then rotated the peeler one more time for the julienne blade and was able to quickly turn the carrot into slaw for her salads.

“Wow, that was easy,” Kirk said.

We’re three for three on the peeler. Now it’s time to chop with Joseph, Joseph’s folding cutting board.

Joseph, Joseph three-in-one peeler and folding cutting board, you both passed the Does It Work test.

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