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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s never too early to think about birthday presents and Christmas gifts. That`s why the Radical Racers caught our eye. It’s a remote-control car that claims it can drive up a wall, all while defying gravity.

To test the Radical Racers WREG’s Corie Ventura caught up with 12-year-old Noel Leblanc, a lover of all things go karts, video games and remote-control cars. He was a bit skeptical about the Radical Racers’ claim.

“It doesn’t look like it has that much technology behind the car,” he said after inspecting it.  “I mean, just from right here, it doesn’t look legit.”

Time to unbox.

“It’s pretty light. It doesn’t…from the look of it, it doesn’t look like it can climb up.”

The Radical Racer came with a battery powered remote (batteries not included) and a USb cord for charging. While the car was charging for one hour, Noel added batteries to the remote and read the rest of the directions. Once charged, he removed the car from the charger.

They quickly learned that the car had two settings: floor and wall. Noel wanted to see how it handled so they started the test with the car on the ground in the floor mode.

“It’s very weird on how to control it.”

Then it was time to switch the car settings.

“There is a big difference between floor and wall.”

“Its sticking. Oh my gosh.”

After Noel got used to the controller, he was able to drive it up the wall to the second floor catwalk where an audience had gathered. The kids thought it was super cool!

“Unbelievable on how much power it has to hold the car.”

Radical Racers, you passed the Does It Work test.