Does It Work: Pumpkin Pro Twenty Piece Family Carving Kit

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Halloween is just around the corner and if you still need some help carving that pumpkin, you’re in luck. WREG’s Corie Ventura put the Pumpkin Pro Twenty Piece Family Carving Kit to the Does It Work test.

The 20 piece set includes 12 stencils, one super goop scoop, a regular goop scoop, a colossal carver along with a regular carver, two detailers and two markers.

“Step One. You have to pick out your stencil for your pumpkin.”

The kit came with a wide variety to choose from.

“I’ve decided on a stencil. I’m going to go with the ghosts. It says gently push and pop out the shaded areas.”

Once all the shaded areas are popped out, the directions suggested that you tape your stencil to your pumpkin. Then it was time to open the package, grab one of the markers and begin tracing.

“I have to carve all of this out using the tools. Let’s see if it’s as easy as it claims.”

First, Corie cut a wide circle around the stem with the colossal carver.

“It actually cuts really well. I don’t have to use that much pressure. So that’s a bonus.”

Then she used the super goop scoop to dig out the insides of the pumpkin.

“Oh I love that because it gets in there. The little claw of the scoop.”

Time to start carving!

She grabbed one of the small detail saws for the eyes of the ghosts before opting for the thicker saw for the bigger sections. Both were very easy to use.

So, how did it turn out?

“I mean, I’m pretty much a pro.”

Pumpkin Pro Twenty Piece Carving Kit, you passed the Does It Work test.

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