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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Are you looking to slice, chop and grate faster than normal? The Nutrislicer claims that you can.

Just lock the Nutrislicer to your counter to slice, chop and grate with total control right into the dish, plate or bowl. But Does It Work?

Grating cheese is always a pain. Plus, when was the last time you had fun chopping fresh cabbage for coleslaw? Also, walnuts are considered a superfood. Buying them whole or halved is less expensive, but chopping them once you get home is tedious. Hopefully, the Nutrislicer can make prep work easier.

It comes with three stainless steel blades, a slicing blade, chopping blade and a grating blade. Plus, a handle that you attach to rotate blades and a food pusher.

"So, in the commercial they talk about slicing with totally control. Well, they have a suction on the bottom of the product. You attach it down to the counter top. You lock it into place, and it's not supposed to move. It's actually not moving. So far, so good."

First up to be sliced was a cucumber.

Corie Ventura inserted the slicing blade and attached the handle on the backside of the blade. She then prepped the cucumber and placed it in the chute.

"They made it look so easy on the commercial."

Ventura's Nutrislicer didn't churn out perfectly sliced cucumbers at all, but now it's time to slice walnuts.

She swapped out the slicing blade for the chopping blade, which was easy to do. She then slowly dumped the walnuts into the chute.

"That's way easier than the cucumber. Oh my goodness."

The Nutrislicer finely chopped walnuts within seconds. It also chopped cabbage with no issues either.

"I could never get that type of results using a knife."

For our final test, we grated a hard block of cheese. Ventura changed out the chopping blade for the grating blade and placed the cheese in the food chute. She was able to grate the whole block of cheese easier and faster than grating by hand.

But now we have a conundrum. We were going to make the Nutrislicer a buyer's choice since it did pass two out of the three claims. But when you advertise "good for cucumbers" on the outside of the box, you sell the product in. We just can't agree with that.

Nutrislicer, you failed the Does It Work test.


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