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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With Christmas right around the corner, we’re testing products that your kids are asking for, but parents want to know, if they’re worth it. This week we’re testing the Magic Tracks. We purchased it at Target for $19.99. They claim the tracks bend, flex and glow, but Does It Work?

Lee Ingram helps us put it to the test. Like other parents, Lee has to be strategic when it comes to his seven-year-old son, Dalton and six-year-old daughter, Kayleigh.

“Now they’re getting curious. Want to know what`s that on the porch. So, it’s hurry home, get that box.”

When he does have time to browse the isles at a store, he has certain things that he’s looking for.

“Something that is going to be durable. Something that they’re interested in longer than three minutes out of the package.”

Hopefully the Magic Tracks can keep their attention. It comes with a fire truck, car decals and a ten foot track.


Batteries were not included, so Lee snapped in three AA batteries and turned the fire truck on.

Time to start connecting the tracks.

Lee was able to snap together each track quickly.  He placed the fire truck on the tracks and quickly realized the fire truck was pretty fast.

Lee even reconfigured the track while the fire truck was racing around the track. Pretty cool!


And the best part, it 100 percent glows in the dark.

“I like it. I think it’s cool. The kids will love it,” he said. “They’ll probably end up being up all night. Let this thing go until the battery dies.”

Christmas success!


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