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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cullen Morgan and his family love spending time outside and even making their meals on the grill three to five nights a week.

"It makes the meat taste better. It makes the vegetables taste better. Roasted vegetables on a grill are great!"

Cullen will make shish kabobs for the kids when he can but said time isn't always on his side.

"I go the easy route. I go to the store and I buy them pre-made."

That's why the Kabob It Shish Kabob Maker caught Cullen's eye. The product makes 16 skewers at once and Cullen said he likes that hecan control what goes on the skewers.

"Being able to prep them at home as opposed to store bought I can actually control what goes on the skewers."

In addition to the skewers, the Kabob It Shish Kabob Maker comes with a top cover, base and body.

Some assembly was required, but once in place Cullen layered the food into the body. His daughter Harper placed the top cover on and they inserted the skewers one by one into the holes of the top cover.

Once all 16 skewers were in, it was time to position the knife through the slots and slice through all the layers.

"It was definitely helpful once I put my thumb on top of the other side and kind of got even pressure."

Even Harper was able to slice through the layers.

After pushing and wiggling the skewers out of the body of the Kabob It Shish Kabob Maker, they opened it up to see how it worked.

"We didn't cut through the bottom layer very well. So they're stuck together."

The center kabobs looked the best. The skewers located in the four corners were a bit empty since the food we layered in were not square shaped.

Cullen placed the remaining eleven kabobs on the grill.

"I think it looks good," said Cullen. "It was definitely faster getting product from the kitchen counter onto the grill."

Kabob It Shish Kabob Maker, you passed the Does It Work test.


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