Does It Work: Grilled Cheese Toaster

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mike Carroll is on “Pop Pop duty” this summer watching his grandson.

“At six-and-a-half years old he is up for anything and everything.”

Their days are spent searching for bugs, getting their exercise in and making trips to the store for toys. When it’s time for lunch it’s grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hopefully the Grilled Cheese Toaster can make preparing lunch faster than the traditional way.

Carroll unpacked everything and immediately realized two things.

One, the appliance was nice and light. Two, it was broken.  One of the four pegs it sits on was broken. So, he pulled out the broken part and propped it up on a piece of tile and cardboard.

The product comes with two toasting baskets and has a toasting dial, cancel and preheat buttons.

Carroll grabbed four pieces of bread and buttered the outsides of each slice. As the instructions stated, he preheated the toaster by pushing down on the control lever and pressing the preheat button. Once it was pre-heated, Carroll placed one sandwich into the first toasting basket, clamped it together and placed it into the toaster.

“Uh-oh. The bread may be a little too thick.”

We continued with the bread we had and it was a disaster. In the instructions it said you could only use thin slices of bread.

Time for take two. Both slices came out a little dark, but the cheese had melted.

Grandson approved but what does Pop Pop think about the process?

“It seems like maybe like watching water boil.”

He said his traditional way would  be much faster.

“I think its a buyer`s choice in this case.”

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