Does It Work: Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rehana Rashid loves to incorporate eggs into her everyday meals.

“For protein. It`s a great source and simple source. And it`s just easy to clean, prepare and cook.”

But cooking eggs on the stove top takes awhile. Rashid hoped the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker would be faster.

It came with the egg cooker, poaching, omelet and egg holder trays plus a measuring cup that’s measured for you. The measuring cup also doubled as the egg piercer.

“Its all one compartmentalize unit. I like this.”

We kicked off our test by following the directions for hard boiled eggs.

“We’re going to fill up the water to the hard boil level. ”

Rashid poured the water into the egg cooker. Then pierced the bottom of each egg and placed it on the egg tray with the bottom of the egg facing up. She put the lid on top and plugged it in. Plugging it in automatically turned it on.

Tenn minutes later one of the tops was cracked a little but it did look like it was cooked through. Rashid placed the hard boiled eggs in a bowl and poured cold water over them to cool.

While our boiled eggs were cooking, Rashid diced up a tomato and whisked two eggs in a mixing bowl. She spritzed cooking spray onto the omelet tray and placed her tomatoes and cheese into the tray, and poured her egg mixture on top. She filled the measuring cup to the omelet fill line and poured it into the cooker.

Rashid then placed the omelet tray onto the egg tray holder, closed the lid and turned it on.

After five minutes and fifty seconds, the buzzer went off indicating the omelet was done.

“So, it still looks a little soupy for my liking,” said Rashid.

The instructions stated, if you wanted a drier omelette, leave the eggs in the cooker for two more minutes. So, we did just that.  After the additional two minutes, Rashid removed it from the cooker.

“It`s still a little soupy. That is not good.”

For our final test: poached eggs.

Rashid coated the poaching tray with cooking spray and cracked one egg on each side. She filled the measuring cup with water to the poached egg line and poured the water into the cooker. Rashid placed the poached egg tray on top of the egg tray, closed the lid and turned it on. After seven minutes, the buzzer sounded.

“That`s a little over cooked for my liking. But it does work.”

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, you are a buyer’s choice.

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