Does It Work: The Reheatza

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Rob Fischer is the radio host of Fish ‘n Stats on Sports 56 plus the sideline reporter for the Memphis Grizzlies. But, more importantly, he’s the dad to two adorable kids, Keegan and Colton.

When it comes to pizza, Fischer’s household is pretty particular.

“The little ones like the thin crust. Wife likes the thin crust. They like it crunchy.”

And as any parent knows when you have two kids under the age of six, their expectations of reheating pizza are pretty high.

“They want it to taste almost like the original if not exactly like the original. In fact, better than the original, which takes a little bit more time.”

Fischer normally reheats their leftover pizza in the oven.

“Takes a while to preheat the oven. Then you have to heat it up. Then you have to figure out the right time. ”

That’s why he’s the perfect candidate to test the Reheatza, a product that claims to give you oven-quality crispiness straight out of the microwave.

It comes with a top lid and base. The product fits into the microwave, but there’s already a problem. According to the instructions, you can’t use it in a microwave where the original turntable has been damaged or removed. The pan needs to be able to freely rotate.

“I don’t have a turntable in the microwave.”

We triple checked the instructions. It really wasn’t clear if you had to have a turntable in your microwave, so we called the folks at Reheatza.

“No, you can’t use it,” a spokesperson said. “It needs to have the rotation, because of the way it’s designed.”

So, Fischer and his daughter Keegan ventured over to Corie Ventura’s house to finish the test.

As the instructions stated, Fischer preheated the base of the pan in the microwave for two minutes. Then placed three slices in the pan, placed the lid on top and cooked it for two minutes. Using potholders, Fischer removed the Reheatza from the microwave and placed it on the counter.

“It looks really good. Reheated well for a microwave.”

But is it crunchy?

“Pretty good. I heard it crunch.”

Even Keegan gave the Reheatza a thumbs up.

“If it’s Keegan approved then it’s daddy approved.”

Reheatza, you passed the Does It Work test.

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