Does It Work: The Bacon Bonanza

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Katie Veach, Health and Recreation Director at the Kroc Center knows the importance of living a healthy balanced life. She said she loves bacon but in moderation.

"I put bacon on sandwiches. I eat just plain bacon. There for a while, I went in a kale and bacon kick."

She said she normally places a few strips of bacon in a pan to sizzle until its crispy, but wondered if the Bacon Bonanza can truly cook crispy bacon without it sitting in grease.

The Bacon Bonanza claimed to be non-stick, dishwasher safe and even came with a bacon tray and main pan. While the oven was preheating to 400 degrees, Veach placed each slice of bacon in between each slot. She preferred thick cut bacon so we tested the product using three different brands.

First four rows were Oscar Mayer. The next four were the Kroger brand and the final three slots were Smithfield.

She then placed the Bacon Bonanza into the oven for 25 minutes. About 18 minutes in, Veach checked to see what was happening.

"A good amount of bacon grease that I can see in the bottom of the pan."

Which means the bacon is not sitting in it while it cooks.

We pulled the pan out at the 25 minute mark. But after Veach checked it, she noticed that the bottoms were not cooked all the way. So, back into the oven it went for 12 more minutes.

"I think we are good."

All three brands did great and there was a ton of grease left in the bottom of the pan. Visually, the Bacon Bonanza looked a lot better than our pan cooked bacon, but were they crispy enough?

By the sound of it the answer was yes.

"This would deliver more consistent quality of bacon than that."

Bacon Bonanza, you passed the Does It Work test.

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