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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG’s Corie Ventura had a confession to make.

“I must confess. Sometimes I place the block of butter inside the microwave so it will soften up so it will be easier to spread later.,” she confessed. “I mean, sometimes it works great. And other times, I don’t have time for that.”

Hopefully the SpreadThat! butter knife can truly spread butter faster without ruining the bread. It claims to be engineered with a super efficient copper heat-transfer core, a titanium shell that is food contact safe and that it’s a knife that actually melts butter.

Time to put it to the test.

“I don`t see the butter sweating or melting like in the other video.”

But she was able to cut through that huge block of butter with little effort. To compare, she used a regular butter knife as well and was able to cut through with little effort.

Since that test was inconclusive, she moved on to test number two.

She unwrapped a stick of butter and first tried to cut through with the SpreadThat! knife and then with a regular butter knife. It was pretty even between the two.

Third and final test: shaving off the top. First up was the regular butter knife.

“We all do this because we want it to be easier to spread. Dig right into it.”

Then she moved on to the SpreadThat! knife and tested the zigzag side first before moving on to the smooth side.

“It really didn’t do anything better than the traditional butter knife. I was still able to cut though my gigantic block of butter and my smaller sticks of butter. They both kind of did the exact same thing.”

SpreadThat! butter knife, you failed the Does It Work test.