Does It Work: Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Like most of us, Anne Burruss said it’s often difficult to open those pesky bottles.

“[I] pass it on to someone else and have them open the bottle of wine so I avoid the struggle completely.”

So why does she feel like the “pass off” is needed?

“I’ve had the situation where the cork goes back into the wine or I can’t even get the cork out.”

Been there and done that.

Hopefully the Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener can help make opening a bottle of wine much easier.

“It’s light weight. Very light weight.”

It’s battery powered and comes with a base that doubles as a foil cutter. With one push of a button, you can see the screw swirl around inside.

Time to see how effortlessly it really is.

Burruss started off by using the foil cutter. She placed it over the top of the wine bottle and while squeezing, she twisted the wine bottle.

“Comes off beautifully. Works great!”

Next she placed the wine opener on top of the bottle making sure it remained upright, then pressed the down arrow so the corkscrew could drill into the cork.

The cork was removed without the struggle.

To remove the cork from the wine opener, just press the up button.

“Easier I think than an old school wine opener or even the ones you have to twist. You don’t have to do any of that.”

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener you passed the Does It Work test.


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