Does It Work: AirSpace Laptop Desk

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Even though Mike Carroll is retired, he still has work to do on the computer. But after sitting for too long it begins to take a toll on his body.

“It begins to get a little painful.You need to stand up and stretch. Then you lose your train of thought and you’re trying to find where you were.”

Hopefully the AirSpace Adjustable Laptop Desk can help. Purchased at Target for 39.99, it claims to allow users to position the device where you want without feeling unsturdy.

“Nice and light. Very light. Looks like a good solid plastic.”


After reading the instructions, it still took us a few moments to figure out how to extend the legs, but once we did, we were good to go.

“And it will lock into place at the height you want to adjust it to.”

Using the base tray lever located on the back, you can pivot the tray up or down.

“It’s locked into place. In fact, you have several angles you can move it at.”

Mike grabbed his laptop and placed it on top of the tray.

“I don’t have any fear that the laptop will fall or bounce off or shake off in anyway.”

He was even able to sit down on the couch and work.


If you want to keep your computer cool, use the USB cord that is included. Just plug it into your laptop then plug the other end into the cooling fan port. Your computer will stay cool while you’re hard at work!

AirSpace Adjustable Laptop Desk, you passed the Does It Work test.

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