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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New documents show a Memphis Police officer who got involved with a suspect in a murder case he was investigating knew the whole time she was a high-up member of the Gangster Disciples.

Eric Kelly retired before the department could take any action, though they did find he violated multiple policies.

WREG got back an open records request Tuesday with the internal affairs file of Kelly’s former patrol partner, Sgt. Sheila Green. Green went with Kelly and suspect Bridgett Stafford on a work trip to Alabama.

According to the file, Stafford told them she smoked marijuana with Green’s wife before they went on the trip.

Documents also revealed how MPD found out about the relationship between the officer and suspect. That happened when her boyfriend told the FBI. Federal investigators spoke to him in the context of the murder investigation Kelly led for MPD, and now according to the new documents, that case could be compromised.

“His current and upcoming cases are now stained with the stench of corruption,” officials wrote.

Once MPD found out about the relationship, they admonished both Green and Kelly for not reporting the suspect’s presence on the trip to Alabama. In addition, documents showed Kelly got a $327 speeding ticket while on the trip but did not report it to MPD supervisors. They got pulled over while Stafford was in the car in possession of marijuana provided by Kelly, documents showed.

WREG also found more evidence in the file showing he admitted to getting marijuana for her. In one text message, he said, “U have to stop sharing ur weed mama … what i get for u … i get so you can enjoy it.”

He also gave Stafford more than $2,000 during their relationship as she became a stripper at the Gold Club, the documents said.

The district attorney already said Kelly will not face any criminal charges from his actions. We’ve asked for more details in light of the new information.