Doctors watching for potential rise in COVID cases after Labor Day weekend


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Health officials across the Mid-South say they are concerned COVID-19 cases will spike after the Labor Day Weekend.

Across the Mid-South, the weather has been perfect over the last few days. High temperatures were right around normal or slightly below with low humidity.

With great weather and many people are off work, people are going out to enjoy the outdoors. Doctors are saying they are worried that there could be a spike in the COVID-19 cases.

“When you look at those events that have really led to a lot of cases they’ve frequently been indoors with kind of poor ventilation with crowded people, outside offers us relief potentially from all those factors,” said Dr. Steve Threlkeld, an infectious disease specialist with Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Health officials say if people are going to gather with family, the safest place to be is outdoors. One family did just that at Shelby Farms on Monday afternoon.

The Bishops say they wanted to enjoy some sense of normalcy as this ongoing pandemic continues.

“It’s been hard,” Lindsey Bishop said. “I definitely feel like it’s made everybody a lot more anxious because we’re constantly worried about the germs and putting our masks on.”

The Bishops found some relief this Labor Day, and they even had a chance to teach the youngest ones some of the family traditions like sailing.

Threlkeld said there were fewer hospitalizations over the weekend. So, he’s hopeful the weather will bring more people outside to keep that trend going in the right direction.

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