Doctors: Warmer temps may not be so good for your health

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — The warmer temperatures may feel good but doctors say they may not actually be so good for your health, especially as we now enter the thick of flu season.

On Wednesday, Dr. Mark Castellaw was examining a patient with what he called the Memphis crud.

“That is sinus, bronchitis, often triggered by allergies.”

Sonja Lidnsey said no matter what she does, it’s been hard to keep up. One day it’s cold and the next it’s warm and windy.

“We have a high wind out of the south, it stirs up everything and makes everything worse,” added Dr. Castellaw. “All that change in the barometric pressure and fronts affect our health. Especially people who suffer from chronic allergy issues– this is a terrible time for them.”

He said he also expects the flu to hit hardest in the coming weeks.

Your best defense is to sanitize.

If you spend time outside, change your clothes when you go in.

If you have pets, the doctor said you should brush them after a walk since allergens can get trapped in their fur.

He also wanted to remind people if you haven`t already to get your flu vaccine.

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