Do blondes really have more fun?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- How would I look? How would I feel? Would I have more fun? Is it true blonds have more fun?

It's a question society has been asking for decades. Is there something about those golden, luscious locks that makes a blond have more fun?

"Do you think that blonds have more fun?" asked WREG's Shay Arthur.

"Yes, I think we do have more fun," said one person we spoke to.

"I think there is something a little extra with the blonde thing because I think that some of it is society's expectation," said Dr. Jeff Mullins with Mid-South Family Medicine at Methodist Healthcare.

Bubbly blondes. Blonde bombshells. Blonde is beautiful.

The list of sayings goes on and on.

"I feel like blonds are always the ones to encourage everyone to get a little bit crazier."

Not just crazy, but confident.

Mullins told WREG there have been studies on women who have dyed their hair blonde.

"Women who changed their hair color to blonde felt more attractive, tended to be more forward in their relationships. They were more assertive at work; they tended to ask more for a raise."

We sat with Jessica Ikner while she got highlights.

As any blonde woman knows, this can be a long, tedious process that isn't cheap.

However, Ikner said there's a payoff to being fair-haired.

"I've had every color under the sun on my hair, and I do get more attention as a blonde."

That was something WREG's Shay Arthur experienced while out talking with people Downtown.

"When I was walking through the intersection your hair just immediately stood out," one person told her.

Arianna Poll is a stylist at Gould's Spa. She said blondes are in the entertainment industry because it's bright and is known to soften a woman's features.

"It's out in Hollywood, it's in the pageant world, it's in the modeling industry."

But what do brunettes think?

"No! You can dye your hair whatever color you want! That doesn't make you have fun," said one brunette we asked.

In the 1950s, ads began popping up showing blonde women carefree and having fun, but are these positive traits something natural blondes are born with?

"Is there anything in someone's DNA, if they are a natural blond to be more fun?" asked Arthur.

"That I doubt," replied Mullins.

That was something brunettes agreed with, too.

"Blondes do have fun, brunettes have fun, redheads have fun."

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