DNA leads police to truck driver’s alleged killer 11 years later


Ricky Munn/ Memphis Police Department

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — DNA evidence led to a big break in a case that’s remained unsolved for more than a decade.

Ricky Munn is charged with first-degree murder for a crime that he might have gotten away with — if it weren’t for the mess he left behind.

What he left linked him to Derrick Hamlin almost 11 years later. Investigators arrested Munn after his own DNA led them to his doorstep.

“Living that many houses down from me, it really is shocking,” a neighbor said.

Hamlin was a truck driver. Police records obtained by WREG says Munn tried to rob Hamlin behind a restaurant on Winchester.

The two started fighting. Shots rang out. The victim ran for help to this store next door, but later died.

Munn`s neighbor says there was something different about the man now indicted for murder.

“It looked suspicious,” he said. “I was very skeptical of him.”

At the crime scene, Hamlin’s belongings were scattered all over the parking lot.

At first, a latex glove didn’t seem to matter much. But the DNA it held ended up being the key to cracking the case.

In an interview after his arrest, Munn did admit to fighting with Hamlin and ultimately shooting him, but he denied robbing him.

Munn is being held in jail without bond.


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