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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At 4 p.m. Thursday, parents of White Station High School students received a troubling robocall from Shelby County Schools informing them of an incident involving two adults and a student — but the message said little else.

“Curiosity kills the cat, so of course I would have wanted to receive more information,” said parent Deonna Pirtle.

That extra information parents were so desperate for practically reverberated down the halls of the high school all afternoon as students rushed to tell each other about the disagreement between male and female student that allegedly started it all.

Students told WREG that the girl called her two adult brothers to come to the school and fight the boy around lunchtime outside the cafeteria.

“They was saying a few people got out and pulled up out of a car for the fight,” said student Jaiya Saulsberry.

Students said no one was seriously injured, but the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t confirmed that.

It also hasn’t said whether anyone will face charges as a result of the fight.

“School is for you to learn and that’s just extra, to be honest,” said Saulsberry.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office had said Thursday that a woman visiting campus said she walked in on two adults having sex in a closet at the school.

However, a vice principal at White Station disputed that late Thursday night and said that incident happened at Whitehaven High.

An SCS spokeswoman said  that report was in error and the incident did not happen at White Station, though she did not say where it occurred, or if it occurred.