No charges against marshals involved in Brandon Webber shooting death, district attorney general rules


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — District Attorney General Amy Weirich announced Friday that U.S. Marshals were justified in the shooting death of Brandon Webber in Frayser in 2019, and will not face prosecution.

Webber, 20, was killed in an arrest attempt by U.S. Marshals in Frayser last year. The incident touched off days of unrest in the neighborhood.

Weirich said Webber had warrants out for his arrest on several charges that involved a stolen car out of Mississippi. Webber was accused of stealing a man’s Infiniti during a purported car sale, then shooting that man and leaving him for dead.

Weirich’s office said Webber posted online videos of himself driving the stolen car and showing a tactical rifle with a pistol grip with two high-capacity magazines in the front seat. Another video Webber shows a passing police car and says into the camera, “F— 12 (police). If they turn their dumb ass around it’s on. This s— going to be fun.”

On June 12, 2019, Marshals tracked him to his grandmother’s house on Durham Avenue in Frayser. Weirich said the officers identified themselves as law enforcement as they moved in to arrest Webber.

Weirich said marshals pinned Webber’s car in the driveway, but he pointed a gun at officers as he tried to make an escape. At that point, she said, the officers opened fire, killing Webber.

It was not clear whether Webber actually fired the weapon, she said. A total of five marshals were involved, and they were the only agency involved, Weirich said.

An autopsy found he had been shot 17 times, Weirich said.

“Every tragic loss of life does not equal a criminal prosecution,” Weirich said.

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