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(Tate County, MS)  34-year-old Jan Michael Brawner was convicted of killing his ex-wife, their daughter and his in-laws in a bloody scene in 2001.

The Mississippi Supreme Court turned down Brawner’s last appeal late Tuesday.  Wednesday afternoon he filed for a stay and re-hearing on his claims of inadequate legal representation.

Brawner’s crimes struck a nerve in Tate and DeSoto Counties, especially after reports he shot his little three-year old daughter, point-blank, after giving her a lollypop for comfort.

“I hope he never gets out. I can’t imagine anybody who would do such a terrible thing” Paula Pierce couldn’t have known how true her words would turn out eleven years later.

Jan Michael Browner may never leave the walls of the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.

He’s scheduled to die there next Tuesday for killing his ex-wife, their three-year old daughter and his in-laws in a bloody scene in the Tate County Community of Sarah.

Eleven years later, Pierce says she’s glad to know the end may be near “It’s just sad it takes that long to get justice and I just think that we owe this to the family who hadn’t done anything, just living their life and had to be killed like that and I think it’s time that he pays the price”.

Michael Brawner fled to Southaven after the evening murders of April 26th, 2001.

Southaven police officers picked him up the next day, after coming up with a way to separate Brawner from his girlfriend and her two kids ”We dressed up as pest control and sent two of our swat team members up to the door and knocked on the door and told him they were there to spray the apartment” said Southaven Assistant Police Chief Steve Pirtle.

Brawner was convicted in the murders and reportedly even told a prosecutor he deserved death.

David Craft, the only surviving relative from the murder has kept silent about the murders all these years. When we reached him Wednesday, he said he still didn’t want to talk about it, wanted no publicity and just wanted the whole thing to be over.

Brawner eventually argued he didn’t have adequate legal representation, but those appeals never went anywhere, even with the Mississippi Supreme Court which voted  to turn down his latest appeal.

And come Tuesday, June 12th at 6pm the case could end with a lethal injection into Brawner’s veins, and his death.

 “I’m very glad. I think they can find closure, the family can and maybe the ones that survived they can go on with their lives” said Pierce.

What bothers people most about this case is Brawner killing his own little girl, after reportedly giving her a lollypop for comfort after he killed her mother and grandmother in front of her.

News Channel 3 has plans to be at Parchman on Tuesday, for his execution.