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(Desoto County, MS) When it rains, Short Fork and Pidgeon Roost Creeks fill up fast, along with the Coldwater River.

That can make travel along Holly Springs Road dangerous, if not deadly if you slide off the road.

”Please don’t cross that road if there’s any water going across it,” said DeSoto County Supervisor Harvey Lee.

County leaders put up warning signs years ago, but big rains would still come, flood the area and motorists would still get washed off the road.

Holly Springs Road runs along the Coldwater River bottoms where at least two other creeks flow through.

For years, this has been a problem area for motorists who think they can make it across the flooded road and end up in the water.

Some motorists made it, others didn’t.

”You’re done for, because it’s gonna be deep there and you’re not gonna be able to get out,” Lee explained.

But now, DeSoto County has put up a removable gate that lets them close the road down whenever conditions get dangerous.

The gate can go up in minutes, and eliminate the need for manned roadblocks.

”What we have done, is fixed it to where we can actually take the posts out there and put ‘em in the ground and then put our gate up and that would hopefully keep people from going across there”.

DeSoto County has set aside money to build a bridge across this dangerous stretch, but so far, can’t get the state and Federal Government to contribute.

Lee hopes with I-269 coming nearby, that money might become available before somebody else ends up in the water on this dangerous road.