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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Complaints of animal hoarding and sick, flea-infested dogs forced to live in their own filth, even dead dogs thrown in bags like garbage — all documented in pictures and videos.

“There is furniture that is ripped to shreds, it is drenched in feces and urine,” animal advocate Laura Jean-Drewery said. “It is awful.”

The alleged issues came to light earlier this week when a board member for the “North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue” group wrote on the organization’s Facebook page that she was “immediately resigning” after witnessing nearly two dozen dogs living in what she calls “horrendous” conditions.

“They have not been socialized, they are sick, they are aggressive.”

The DeSoto County Animal Shelter tells us it launched an investigation into the matter last month.

“They received a tip from another rescue group roughly 30 days ago, and as is policy by the animal shelter in DeSoto County, they opened an investigation,” DeSoto County public information officer Tanner Kuntz said.

But 30 days later, no dogs have been removed from the home.

“Where do we draw the line? Do we draw the line at 20 dogs? 30 dogs? 40 dogs? 50 dogs? 60 dogs? What is the magic number that I need to give them for them to get off their butts and do something?” Jean-Drewery said.

We stopped by the rescue group, but no one answered. Animal advocates say they just want the county to step up and do something before more innocent dogs suffer.

“You failed those animals.”

Kuntz said later Wednesday the county reopened the investigation. DeSoto County Animal Services has gotten in touch with several groups that may be able to take the dogs, and the county has started the process of making a request to the court to let Animal Services take the dogs in the meantime.

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