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(Memphis) Designers say  Beale Street Landing is 85 percent complete, and the public is already getting a chance to check it out.

Memphis’ biggest question mark is slowly taking shape.

“The dock is complete. The building complete,” said Benny Lendermon, who
has been overseeing the project for eight years.

“You could actually build a whole building in eight years. You could build a whole building in one year. What you can’t do is build four acres out into the river and create land,” said Lendermon.

He’s heard the complaints.

“We think it’s wonderful,” says Lendermon. “The way the slope roof is, the views you get of the river, looking at the view there. We don’t think it could have been better.”

Already $10 million over budget because of construction costs and delays, we had one question for Lendermon, “Will there be a return on the investment?”

“It’s a unbelievable return on the investment. The American Queen alone who moved their headquarters here and docks here is a $90 million economic impact annually to Memphis,” says Lendermon.

Tourists like what they see.

“This is nice. You get a better aerial view. You can see a lot more,” says Thomas Berry, a tourist from Pennsylvania.

“Looks awesome. It’s a modern building. Not what I expected to see. I expected to see something more rustic,” says Christine Durward of Washington, D.C.

But what is there for locals to enjoy?

Lendermon tells us there will be a playground, bench seats and eventually a restaurant.

“Memphians for the first time ever can get down to the water’s edge. If you want to go have dinner and look at the sunset, where would you take your guest? There is no place. This is the place. You take them here,” says Lendermon.

He says by December, construction will wrap up.

“Everything about this building celebrates the river,” says Lendermon.