Deputy suspended over social media post was previously fired

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County deputy in trouble for a social media post he allegedly made was previously fired.

Jeremy McNary is suspended with pay while the Sheriff's Office investigates a post about when protestors closed the I-40 bridge.

The post read, "They need to get a firehouse and spray these folks, they're standing on 18-wheelers and sh**."

"My mind takes me back to 1965."

Dr. Bill Adkins marched with Civil Rights leaders in an era when they were routinely sprayed with fire hoses.

"It was such a horrible sight to see and it hurt my heart to think that there was someone still in law enforcement in this day and time that would want to water hose people in that manner."

Earlier this year, McNary was celebrated after he saved the life of a woman.

In 2015 however, he was fired after he and deputy both damaged their patrol cars in a pursuit.

A write-up in his personnel file said there were, "inconsistencies  in radio traffic between the officers and dispatch."

It goes on to say, McNary, "Admitted he had not been truthful about the pursuit when it happened and how the crash occurred *Falsified documentation regarding the crash *Violated standard operating procedures."

McNary was fired May 4, 2015, but got his job back on July 23, 2015, after the Civil Merit Board found the SCSO office "did not meet the burden of proof for cause of termination."

The board recommended McNary be rehired and be given back pay.

On September 18, 2015, McNary was given a three-day suspension for the pursuit issue.

For this latest incident, he was suspended on the 13th without pay, but later said it would pay the deputy because authorities were initially looking into more inflammatory remarks that turned out not to be his.

They said the fire hose comments alone weren't enough to stop paying him.



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