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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Three individuals have been arrested after people in two cars exchanged gunfire in Shelby County and caused an accident while trying to escape from deputies Monday afternoon in southeast Memphis.

Joshua Hughlett, Byron Walker and Jaylon Rhodes were all charged with numerous felonies, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said.

Shelby County Sheriff Captain Anthony Buckner told WREG on Monday that the two cars were exchanging gunfire in southeast Shelby County near Shelby Drive and Bethay. Deputies tried to stop one vehicle, a black Dodge Charger, and it led them on a chase.

“These individuals obviously, they could have shot each other,” Buckner said. “That could have hit a neighbor or an innocent person or they could have shot our deputy.”

The black Charger struck another vehicle at Shelby Drive and Lamar, and three occupants of the Charger fled the scene, Buckner said. Those three suspects were eventually detained.

The second car, a white sedan, remains on the loose after it fled the scene, Buckner said.

No injuries have been reported from the crash or the shooting.

Investigators say they are still looking for a white sedan and are trying to figure out what caused the shooting. Deputies also said they found guns and illegal drugs inside of the Dodge Charger.