Deputies: man exposed himself to woman in grocery store parking lot


ARLINGTON, Tenn. – – A recent trip to the grocery store left a Shelby County woman traumatized. Deputies say Daniel McGee parked next to her around noon Tuesday at the Kroger on Hwy 70 in Arlington. The woman was in her car talking on the phone with her friend and when she looked over, deputies say McGee’s privates were exposed. They also say he was inappropriately touching himself.

Deputies say McGee put his clothes back on but then exposed himself again when the woman looked back at him. Investigators say she was trying to get a description of the 35-year-old while her friend called 911. Deputies found McGee in the parking lot minutes later and arrested him. He’s charged with indecent exposure.

Arlington resident James Jones can’t imagine something like that happening to someone in his family.

“I’d be angry, very angry. I would hate for my wife or my daughters, anyone of my daughters to come out and see something like that, experience something like that, you know?” Jones said.

Investigators say McGee has two prior indecent exposure charges in Mississippi but it’s unclear if he was convicted. He was also released from jail without bond on his current charge. So, WREG went to his house in Arlington to ask about all three charges. A man who claims to know McGee talked with us briefly through the door about Tuesday’s incident.

“Those are false allegations,” the man said, “He didn’t do it.”

The man asked us to leave after that. 

Deputies say they’ve gotten other complaints of a man matching McGee’s description exposing himself to women in the Arlington area. As for the current charge, McGee will face a judge in December.

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