Deputies looking for thieves who stole up to $10K worth of Legos

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Deputies need your help finding a trio they claim swiped up to $10,000 worth of a popular children’s toy from stores across Shelby County.

Investigators say the three were caught on security cameras when they started hitting Target stores earlier this month.

“We have no idea,” said Chip Washington with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. “As it is for you, it’s pretty different for us too.”

Deputies said this is a first and are baffled by it.

They are trying to figure out what the thieves are doing with the toys, whether returning them at another store or selling them on the streets or on the web.

“There’s such a varying demand,” said Mark Guttensohn. “We have kids that come in and just love to play with them. We have adults who collect them.”

Guttensohn owns Bricks and Minifigs in Arlington.

The store buys, sells and trades Legos.

“In the heart of it, this is a kid’s thing. Even the adults that love it, it’s the kid inside of them that makes them still love it,” he said.

That’s what makes the Lego market so unique.

Both children and adults collect the plastic toys.

A Lego set can range from $10 to several hundred dollars.

It’s unclear though which ones the suspects are taking.

We do know the higher the price, typically the bigger the box.

“To walk out of Target with a box that big, I don’t know how people do it,” said Guttensohn.

It’s just one part of the story he and other Lego lovers can’t seem to grasp.

“When it starts getting to the money part of it, it starts losing the pleasure for it,” said Guttensohn. “It ruins it for the kids. That is the sad part.”

Guttensohn said he’s encountered a handful of sellers possibly trying to sell stolen Legos.

That’s why his store takes precautions like getting the sellers’ information and ID.

If you recognize the people in the security footage, Call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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