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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Mid-South couple was arrested overnight after deputies say they found the mother unresponsive from an overdose, the father under the influence of heroin and a baby exposed to the elements in the parking lot of a McDonald’s.

Shelby County deputies said they were called to the 1200 block of Houston Levee Road around 11 Monday night after a manager noticed a man exit a Toyota Camry, walk away and appear to have a seizure.

When first responders arrived they found that the car the man had gotten out of was occupied by a woman. She was unresponsive and there was a small child in the back seat crying. The child did not have a coat, socks or shoes, authorities said. The child was also exposed to the elements after someone opened three of the car doors.

First responders said it was 30 degrees outside at the time.

The unresponsive woman was given Narcan and revived on the scene. She was identified by authorities as 29-year-old Brittney Moore.

The man who was with her was her husband Daniel Moore, they said. He told deputies he was not having a seizure. Instead he stated that his odd behavior — and his wife’s overdose — was caused by heroin they had taken earlier.

Both were arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse. Deputies said they recovered a used syringe and other paraphernalia from the car.

Daniel Moore was also charged with possession of a weapon.

Brittany Moore was on probation from a previous drug case, court records show. Daniel Moore has previous charges related to auto burglary.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Chuck Mays says they’ve worked over the last few years to train more than 600 deputies on how to use Narcan.

“It’s become invaluable to us, because of the times we encounter it when fire and EMS aren’t there, and you don’t have time to wait on them to get there,” Mays said. “It’s in the middle of our society, and it appears it’s not going away anytime soon.”

As for the Moore’s, a family member now has their baby. We reached out to Moore’s family but they didn’t want to talk with us.