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(MEMPHIS) Fewer planes and passengers are coming into Memphis International but there are still lots of employees, some with little to do. More than two hundred Memphis-based Delta workers received a memo eliminating their jobs.

“I know what it’s like to be unemployed move somewhere else and start all over again”, said Alex Stewart, a local cab driver who doesn’t spend a lot of time at Memphis International these days.

Delta finally admitted Memphis will no longer be considered a hub.  So now when you take a trip, you’ll likely change planes but you could pay less money.

“We can only hope we can emulate cities like Nashville that transitioned from a major hub to multiple airlines providing the services”, said Tom Jones, of Delta Does Memphis.

In a year, Delta will move out of a lot of their prime real estate, giving more room for other airlines to grow without worrying about Delta slashing fares until they’re gone.

“The airport won’t be a ghost town, we have a million people here, we’ll have air service and we’ll do it with other airlines”, said Jack Sammons, Airport Authority Chairman.

It’s not good news for the government though. They get cash for every plane that lands here, Delta’s decision will add to a budget some say is already busted.