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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A delivery driver made a bold move while delivering items to an airport area gas station.

Police say he quickly closed and locked the back door of his truck after a thief jumped in the back and started grabbing cartons of cigarettes. 

But it’s a crime the thief has yet to pay for, because the driver’s attempt to catch him failed.

Investigators say the man’s accomplice pulled a gun on the driver and started shooting at him when he refused to let his partner out. At that point, the two thieves got the back door open and ran off with the cigarettes. The driver wasn’t hit.

The incident happened at a Valero at Airways and Raines last week, but police just posted photos of two suspects on social media Monday. Investigators hope the images will help them track down the thieves.

Many people, like Nicholas Galloway, say he’s lucky to be alive after trying to lock that thief in his truck.

“I would have let him gone do what he did. Call 911. Hey, it’s better than losing your life,” Galloway said. “What if the dude with the gun would have shot him? He would have lost his life. You got kids to go home to. Over cigarettes? You can have that (stuff). Call the law. That’s what the police job for.”

If you know anything about this incident please call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.