Dealership that had 20 cars stolen last week targeted again

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  An auto dealership that had more than a dozen cars stolen last week was hit again overnight and now authorities are trying to figure out how many vehicles were stolen.

It happened at the Dealer’s Auto Auction on Democrat near I-240.

The crooks appeared to have knocked down a fence, jumped in the cars and then driven the vehicles down a hill. Two of the cars appeared to have gotten stuck, prompting the thieves to leave them behind.

Employees at the dealership said they are still checking inventory to see how many cars are missing.

“It’s scary to think within minutes your business can be to shreds,” a resident said.

This was not the first time the auto dealership has been hit. Just last Thursday at least 20 vehicles were stolen in the same manner after the keys were left in the cars.

Employees then told us that another auto business in the area was also hit last week in a third incident. WREG was able to confirm that information with police, who said they were dispatched to Memphis Auto Auction on Old Getwell Road on Friday, July 19.

Again, the suspects broke through a back fence and then drove off with an undisclosed number of vehicles.

Officers said they recovered at least three of the vehicles and were able to lift fingerprints from inside.

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