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JACKSON, Miss. — A deaf woman was able to hear her boyfriend’s voice for the first time after being given a cochlear implant for her ears. He wanted the first words that she heard from him to be a marriage proposal.

A University of Mississippi Medical Center posted a video on Facebook Wednesday sharing the proposal between patient Andrea Diaz and her boyfriend. The video has received over 45,000 views so far.

As the audiologist worked to make adjustments, Diaz’s boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, asked if she could hear him OK.

“It sounds funny,” she laughed.

Then he dropped to one knee.

“Well baby, I wanted to make one of the first things you hear because I love you so much and you’re my best friend baby. I wanted to make the first thing you hear was me asking you to marry me,” said Peakman.

Overwhelmed Diaz cried. “So much is going on.”

When asked if she was happy, Diaz replied, “Yes, very happy,” as she brushed the tears away. “It worked.”

Audiologist Dr. Vicki Gonzalez walked Diaz through the process of checking her volume levels. Dr. Gonzalez is responsible for helping make these accomplishments possible for patients every day through the Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences.

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