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(WREG-TV) A deadlier bullet designed to protect you from criminals is raising some concerns. When the bullet hits a target, it actually expands into several sharp razors, making it more deadly.

The ammo called R.I.P. bullet was just shown at the Las Vegas Shot Show and hit the market a couple weeks ago.

Gun shop owners in the Mid-South said they can’t get a hold of a box and are still deciding if they even want to carry it.

Julia Sparacello owns Horn Lake Arms and said quite a few customers have asked about the R.I.P. bullet.

“They separate into five or six different parts, into a little star. It separates in the target,” said Sparacello.

The copper bullet strikes a target and then expands at the top into several sharp blades.

G2 Research created it for self-defense saying it will stop criminals in their tracks. The company is hoping women invest in it to protect themselves.

With gun violence so bad in Memphis, many are afraid criminals will start using them.

“To think you are going to stop violence with violence, is ludicrous. I’m not surprised someone has created a bullet like this,” said Sam Shoup.

Shelby County deputies said they haven’t heard about the deadlier ammo, and Memphis police never got back to us.

Gun shop owners said they’ve talked to officers who are concerned about the bullet hitting our streets.

At $60 to $70 a box, Sparacello thinks only gun enthusiasts will buy it.

“They are too expensive for a random street criminal to go in and buy a box,” said Sparacello.

WREG found out the Georgia maker made sure this ammo wouldn’t go through bullet proof vests.