Daycare bus driver had suspended license before wreck

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A daycare bus driver was driving with a suspended license when she collided with a car last week, according to police records.

Police identify the bus driver as 59-year-old Elizabeth Harris of Fundamentals First Learning Center on Lamar. She was ticketed for failure to yield to traffic and driving without a license.

Deshawn Lockett’s cousin was driving her car last week, when police say the daycare bus turned in front of him, causing the collision.

The bus wasn’t badly damaged but Lockett — like many would — had one question when she got on scene.

“When I first seen the accident I was wondering were any children on the bus? And I was real nervous about that,” she said.

Relieved to find there were no children on the bus, Lockett turned to her badly damaged car.

But she got much angrier when she found out the bus driver had a suspended license.

She wonders how long it was suspended, and whether it’s still suspended. She fears the worst — if the driver still works there.

“We’re talking about children,” Lockett said. “We talking about somebody’s child that’s not going to go home that afternoon.”

WREG went to the daycare to ask its owner, identified by police as Jamese Couch, whether Harris still worked there and whether Couch knew she had a suspended license.

But a woman over speaker phone said “no comment” and demanded reporters leave.

Lockett hopes the issue doesn’t come up again.

“They way they are having accidents now, yeah, all parents should be concerned about their daycares and the employees not having the proper identification to operate a vehicle,” Lockett said.


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