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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Angela Love buried her mom Patricia at Forest Hill Cemetery last December and came back with family five months later to visit for Mother’s Day.

But they couldn’t do what they came for because the grave for the family matriarch was nowhere to be found.

“We were coming out to bring flowers to put on her gravesite, but actually when we got here, we couldn’t find her,” Love said.

They couldn’t find her because there was no grave marker.

A few days later, Love found out why.

“She was like, the headstone was placed on another grave, and she was going to get it, and I was like, wow,” Love said.

It got her thinking, if they could misplace the headstone, how does she know they didn’t misplace the body?

“If you cannot come out here and find your parent, and we entrusted you with her body, who are we supposed to trust now,” Love said.

WREG tried putting that question to those in charge, but they didn’t want to talk.

That leaves Love and family wondering if mom is really buried there.

“They took the headstone to the back, so did they put her back there, or did they put her up here?” Love said. ” Because I know the funeral was up here, but we were gone before they threw the dirt and lowered her into the ground. I would be more at peace knowing this is my mother’s gravesite, her coffin, her casket, everything right here, versus in the back of the cemetery because this is what we paid for her to be here and not in the back.”

Love said her family won’t rest easy until they have proof this is her mom’s final resting place.

She said the only way that can happen is if the cemetery digs up the grave or offers some sort of proof her mother’s casket is buried under that dirt.