Tornadoes confirmed by NWS after storms cause damage in Arkansas

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POINSETT COUNTY, Ark. — The National Weather Service in Memphis confirmed that two tornadoes hit northeast Arkansas, the scene of heavy damage after strong storms Wednesday night.

A preliminary damage survey says one tornado, an EF-0 with winds of 65-70 mph, touched down near Cash. A second tornado, this one an EF-2 with winds of about 125 mph, touched down near the Claypool Reservoir just north of Harrisburg.

“It was like a freight train coming through, that’s what it sounded like.”

Debbie Barber, her roommate and two dogs rushed to get to a safe place Wednesday evening as severe storms moved through Poinsett County, Arkansas.

“I went in my little hallway, that’s the most structurally sound right there.”

All she could do was pray her Harrisburg home would not be in the path of the storm.

Video shared to social media showed a tornado touch down in Arkansas. You can clearly see the outline of the funnel as lightning flashed behind it.

It’s a scary sight made even worse when they finally stepped out to see this devastation left in its wake. Roofs were ripped off, cars had their windows shattered and walls were caving in.

Two homes were leveled on Claypool Lane in the county.

One neighborhood just off of Illinois Avenue – one of the main streets through Harrisburg- sustained a lot of damage.

It served as an illustration of how strong the storm was.

Sheriff Kevin Molder told WREG he and several of his deputies tracked the storm from the time in entered the county.

“It was a powerful storm. We were blessed that no one died,” he wrote in an email.

There were at least two reported injuries.

The Poinsett County Emergency Management Office urged residents to stay home and let emergency crews do their jobs. So far, they have shut down some roads around town.

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