Dallas couple’s dogs missing after Mississippi crash

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SARDIS, Miss. -- A Dallas couple is desperately searching for their two beloved dogs after crashing their truck on Interstate 55 near Sardis Friday.

The dogs ran off after the accident and haven’t been seen since.

Brandon Brookshire and his girlfriend, Laura Adelson, are battered and bruised, but OK.

They drove to the Mid-South from Dallas for a friend’s wedding with their two dogs – Champ, a chocolate lab, and Bane, a boxer-pit mix.

"They’re best friends," said Adelson. "They sleep on the bed and they cuddle with each other on our bed next to me."

Brookshire got distracted when Champ and Bane got into a fight in the backseat, and lost control of his truck at about 75 miles per hour on the busy interstate.

"It was very strange and abnormal. So, I was just trying to stop them from fighting, and I guess I veered a little off into the dirt," he said. "And that’s when we started tumbling and tumbling about five to six times to the other side of I-55."

"I remember flipping and seeing the dogs while we were flipping," Adelson said.

But when it was over, Champ and Bane were gone.

"I was just thinking, ‘I hope we live.' And once we landed, our first reaction was, ‘Oh my god, the dogs,'" Brookshire said.

"I sprinted and started screaming the dogs’ names – we both did," Adelson said.

Good Samaritans who stopped to help saw Champ and Bane run off on opposite sides of the interstate, but after hours of searching, there’s still no sign of them.

"It’s emotional, it’s hard," Adelson said. "They’re our babies, we’re obsessed with them. Everyone that knows us knows our dogs."

"We feel like half our family got cut out, you know? It hurts," Brookshire said.

They believe their pups are out there somewhere and OK, just scared.

They didn’t find any blood or fur nearby, and searchers even spotted paw prints in the mud.

"We’re just trying to stay positive right now and not think the worst," Brookshire said.

Even on crutches and with a swollen ankle, Adelson said Saturday afternoon that she plans to go back to the accident scene with her boyfriend to keep looking.

"If he hears my voice, he’ll come to me," she said.

And as anyone who loves a pet can probably understand, they say they're not going back home without them.

"We plan to keep looking and we’re not leaving this town until we find them," Brookshire said.

Both dogs are microchipped.

If you think you’ve seen Bane or Champ, call your local animal shelter or the couple's family at

(214) 284-0436 or (228) 223-5443.

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