Dad builds roller coaster for son

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WASHINGTON — An Washington man might have earned himself “Dad of the Year” honors for building a roller coaster in the backyard of his home for his three-year-old son.

Scott Brazelton of Oak Harbor was planning to build a treehouse in the backyard, but decided to build the complex coaster instead.

The coaster wasn’t just about the challenge. Brazelton built it to spend quality time with his son, Wyatt. Brazelton is a Navy pilot and was deployed in the Persian Gulf when Wyatt was born.

Brazelton, who got his wife’s approval before building in the backyard, spent three months designing and building the coaster under the guidance of Paul Gregg, a retired Boeing engineer who’s published books about building backyard roller coasters.

Brazelton spent about one-thousand dollars for the project materials and about three-hundred dollars
on tools.

For Brazelton, the coaster is a way for him to be a kid again and a way to amuse the entire family.

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